Reference cases

Atlas Copco

In Wilrijk (BE), the HIM is used by Atlas Copco on multiple workstations. In this case, at the Airtec division, they required us to meet the following specifications:

  • Guidance and monitoring of picking and assembly
  • Several product variants
  • Integrations with a barcode scanner and Atlas Copco tooling
  • Some degree of sequence flexibility for the operator

In this solution, the process is started by scanning the product barcode. Based on this barcode, HIM guides the operator through the specific picking and assembly process. As a Virtual Assistant, HIM prevents the operator from picking the wrong parts or forgetting certain steps.

By teaching all elements of the work table only once in software, new products or variants can easily be set up by selecting them again from the library. This results in a beneficial Total Cost of Ownership for this project. So by using 1 HIM and projector, a standard work table becomes a smart worktable, fully integrated with the surrounding tools.

Between these tools and the HIM, data is being transferred via Open Protocol. Open Protocol is a protocol to communicate with Atlas Copco tightening controllers or other compatible torque tools. In this case, the tool is being powered by the Atlas Copco controller Power Focus 4000.

In the HIM software, more specifically in the Communication Module, you can find many other protocols which can be easily set up. For a detailed overview of all integrations, please get in touch with your Arkite representative.

CNH Industrial

The implementation helps operators in production with guidance of the right sequence of bolting. 3 color light indication helps the operator to understand the sequence (green), gives indication the pneumatic tooling is working (Blue) and/or disabled (red) to avoid mistakes. The HIM is tracking and tracing the movements of the operator and tooling and securing the bolting. The Graphical User Interface(GUI) of the screen help the operator to select the right program and also indicates the progress of the work.

Customer is the world’s technology leader in for power electronics, advanced foams for cushioning and protective sealing, and high-frequency printed circuit materials. Several quality risks exist: at a bending machine the operator places parts in wrong direction leading to scrap. Additional complexity: the customer works with different products and small series. ARKITE HIM monitors the correct position of the parts before bending and copes with variance in workflows. 

ARKITE is used a lot in car assembly stations to support the assemblage and secure the quality of the manual assembly work on the line. Most of the automation and robotization has been done in the last decades. Still there is human assembly work done in car/truck production. Some producers even have decision to select the human assembly above robots. Still the human error is the most common failure in production. This is why monitoring, assisting, control and quality optimization is very important. ARKITE HIM will help the operator through the process of the assembly, giving him the flexibility to dynamic workinstructions to optimize production, but prevents him from errors and mistakes to secure quality.

Alro Group

Alro Group manufactures the bumpers for the Mercedes G Series. The HIM assists and checks all steps of the operator while assembling the bumpers. Every bumper is made to order, so unique. From the drilling of wholes, putting the grill in till the assembly of the parking sensors, all actions are checked and as a result a quality report is printed that goes to the customer, to secure the process.


Customer is a leading integrated global manufacturer of engineered structural metal components and assemblies. Several quality risks exist: misplacements by the operator such as unfinished parts, wrong direction, left part into right rack, etc. The rack contains 38 pieces and there are roughly 40 racks. The high amount of positions and combination of left and right makes it difficult for the operators to keep quality in full control (0-ppm). Missing parts leads to machine stops at customer site. Mixing left and right parts in the racks result in a crash with the pickup robot at the customer site. ARKITE HIM monitors the correct orientation of the finished product in the correct rack. If the rack is complete HIM triggers a label printer and ensures that it is placed at the correct rack.

Customer is a manufacturer of high-quality medical and industrial appliances. The customer is active on various markets worldwide as an innovative partner of leading quality-oriented market players. It’s core activity is developing and manufacturing complex mechatronic and electronic appliances. The customer’s business challenge is to increase efficiency and to avoid mistakes while producing new products. The large variety of products augments the risk of poor quality. ARKITE HIM prevents this by monitoring the correct assembly of the products andeliminating the need for extra assurance that the process has been performed correct. Easy and Quick setup tools such as templates and wizards are used to introduce new products.